For our residiential customers we do full heating and cooling system replacements, repairs and maintenence. We offer free estimates for system replacement and same day emergency service.

We offer our Peak Performance Plan which includes a pre-season preventive service and system cleaning in the spring and fall at a reduced rate. If you are a Peak Performance customer and your system requires additional work not covered under the plan, that work will be performed at a reduced rate also. The Peak Performance Plan will extend the life of your equipment, reduce your utility bills and assure you of a safe and properly operating system.

why maintenance is important

When we perform any service, there are specific danger signs we look for. For example, this is a cracked heat exchanger. This could cause carbon monoxide, a deadly odorless gas, to pour into your home. If not fixed immediately, this could lead to possible death.

Failed/Bad Duct WorkThis may not look like much but these are actual examples of failed or bad duct work. This results in loss of air flow. That means you leak conditioned air (money) into the attic. If you are experiencing low to no air flow coming out of one of your vents, odds are its a loose duct connector or constricted duct.

At Air Performance we go the extra mile to thoroughly examine your heating and cooling system during an estimate or maintenence, keeping your safety and the energy efficiency of your system in mind. It's better to find problems early and fix them rather than wait for them to raise your energy bill or cause major damage.


We do commercial jobs!Air Performance also does commercial work. We offer repairs, maintenence and replacement for commercial locations as well as estimates or bids on new construction projects, large or small. We offer thorough, quality work and competetive rates. Our technicians are NATE certified, licensed and insured.